Take your dream vacation and make a difference to global conservation efforts!

Tourism is inextricably linked to conservation in all areas of the world. Not only does tourism help raise awareness of vital conservation issues, if done correctly it can promote sustainable ecotourism practices which sustain communities and wildlife areas.

At Continuum Conservation, we believe in sustainable ecotourism practices. There is nothing quite like seeing your first rhino up close or watching a leopard climb a tree. We haven't lost our sense of awe at being lucky enough to experience such encounters, and we would like to make this a reality for everyone! Experience a luxury safari introducing you to the majesty of Africa, all the while knowing that you have made a difference to conservation. All of the lodges that we use are committed to ensuring sustainable ecotourism and minimizing environmental impact. 

Our experienced team of hospitality professionals is committed to providing the ultimate safari experience!


Funds raised through the Safari for Conservation initiative are used to fund conservation research around the world. These funds are used to buy much needed equipment and sponsor logistical support for researchers. Please visit our Projects page for further information on the current projects running.